Chakra therapy

Chakra Therapy, healing and chakra balancing

Regression / Chakra therapy harmonizes your chakras and overall energy system. The way this distant healing (therapy) is set up allows me to connect to your energy system, where I can sense your energy flow, blockages, resistance to flow and also how connected you are to your soul,  Mother Earth and to the  cosmic source.  Then I, with our spiritual guides, guardian angels and loving, universal energy, will cleanse your entire being.

We can also work on and cleanse past issues, even from past lives, relating to our present life.

It is therefore a total cleansing of the energy system improving mental, physical, emotional state and at the same time it clarifies relationships – with people, to money, improves intuition etc.

Any of old issues which might surface from the past, even from past life, will be dealt with.

For more information about chakras and the importance of cleansing and strengthening chakras, go to description of each chakra beads in this website.

therapy is about 45 min. via FB or Skype.

Comments from clients:

“> > > THANK YOU VERY MUCH! – COMPLETELY < < < FOR EVERYTHING. I respect you very much. “Excellent communication lovely Lady very nice”

“I had pleasant communication with this lady. Her energy work on my chakras was done professionally in reasonable time frame. Thank you, Dana”.”Thanks for the purification of the chakras. Very nice and good communication with higher self ???? “

“Thank you Mrs. Dudkova, for the thermal bath. You are very pleasant, kind….. and you know. Special thanks to all.



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