The energy system of man-chakras and their significance

The human body has 7 major energy, IE. the chakras. The status of these center significantly affects our quality of life.

Are an integral part of our lives and it is therefore important to their existence and they learned to work with them.

their main meanings:


The settings of our biology. Improve your health and purifies your affiliate relationships.

1.-Chakra-set-our-biology.-Improve-your-health-and-clean them-your-partner-relationships.

1. Chakra is stored in the pan. Here is the center of our health, setting our biology, sexuality, and relationships.

The status of this chakra therefore affects the main themes of our lives. For our happier life is so important that we have this Center as the most active and technique.

We open and zesilujeme’s contributes to anchor our internal forces and awakens in us the feeling and intuition.


To activate the flow of your funds and open the memory of past lives.

2. Chakra-Activate your cash flow and open with the memory of past lives.

2. Chakra is stored in the middle of our bellies. Here is the saved energy Center our abundance.     

Activation of this Center enables the flow of funds.    

Through the activation of this Center we also opens up a deep memory of our souls, that we may disclose information about our past lives and find the cause of our problems. 

Contributes to this Centre gives us greater confidence and understanding of our own existence.


Discover the power of your will, improve your mental state and fulfill their wishes.

3. Chakra-discover the power of your will, improve your mental state and fulfill their wishes.

3. Chakra is stored in solaru (in the highest part of the abdomen on the Causeway between the chest and belly).  

Here is the saved energy Center of our will and mental state. 

This chakra also relates to the ability to achieve our goals and desires. 

In solaru is a solar powered nerve pleteň. The energy blocks causing that we can’t control their emotions, to regulate them, we’re going down into a depression and mental fatigue (“‘ burn-out ‘). With the release of solaru will be releasing our psyche. 

Activation of this Center along with the inner imagination to our desire to always achieve what we want, therefore, is ‘ who wish to change any of our lives. (whether our wish absurd:-).) 


Activate your protection, healing, telepathy, and support your internal development.


4. Chakra is located in the center of the chest.

This Center is the key to opening our healing and prescient abilities, and also for the development of other centres. 

Waking this Center we can get contact with the essence and being, which is essential for our evolution.

In the center of the chest allows us to sympathize and vciťovat to other people and beings.

If the Center is clean and active so strengthens the protection of our body and we can receive an unlimited amount of space resources. 



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