Blocking the energy centers. Why they arise and how to remove it?

Blocking the energy centers. Why they arise and how to remove it?

Today I would like to follow up on yesterday's article, which was about the basics of our energy system and I continued what our energy centers, holds in the harms.

What are formed, how they develop, and also, of course, how to remove them.

The energy block has almost everyone, someone less, someone more, but I have yet to meet the man who would not have had none at all (probably would not need to be born and live a life on this planet). As we talked about the energy points – major chakras, energy centers, this may bear various dark spots, fog, etc., that prevents the natural stream of our energy in these places. These we call blocking, negative energy, and so on.

These blockages can over time cause serious health problems of every type and both physical and psychological. The origin of the blocks can be from past lives, through the deep memory of our soul, or blocking, which arose in early childhood, but also to be yesterday. Therefore, if in a previous life we go through some very unpleasant experience when someone fails to be deceived, or we ourselves we hurt someone, so this bad experience we carry in ourselves, in the meantime, when we're ready to get clean and forgive yourself, others and the actual situation.

How is it possible to remove these blocks? The most common is the regression therapy or some kind of meditation when you associate with your own essence, and where did you find your self and you clean the wounds gradually. This method itself I, for more details about how the chakra therapy takes place you can look at my site. I am sending link:/cakrova-terapie-harmonizace-caker/Also, I can recommend a great masseuse greatly, which is also engaged in energetic cleaning. Link to her site:

I wish you a merry this evening and I look forward to the next article.

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Blocking the energy centers. Why they arise and how to remove them.


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